Radio & Juliet / Quatro in Berlin - ROCK FOR concert agency
Theater am Potsdamer Platz Berlin

Radio & Juliet / Quatro in Berlin

Ballet Radio & Juliet is a symbiosis of choreography by Edward Kluge and the music of Radiohead.
Modern choreography here is minimalistic, sometimes bravura.
The performance was created in 2005.
It had a resonance in Europe, the USA and Asia.
Subtle emotional music of the album O.K. Computer and magnificent plastique of Ukrainian dancers from around the world
All this makes the viewer look at Shakespeare’s story about two lovers from a different angle.
Choreography: Edvard Klug (SLO)
Music: Radiohead (UK)

The ballet Quatro is the first private project in the history of the «Golden Mask» awards
was nominated four times and was awarded the Golden Mask Prize in the nomination «Best Actor in Ballet».
On the stage is a cello, a piano and dancers. Nothing superfluous.
Choreography: Edvard Klug (SLO)

Recently, Ukrainian ballet dancers left their home with their children, leaving behind everything that was expensive. They tell with horror how relatives and friends from Ukraine hide from shelling in basements without electricity, gas and water and run with babies without basic necessities.

Im Rahmen des #support Ukraine Initiative

The main goal for the show now is to support Ukraine. We cooperate with the Tabletochki Charitable Foundation. Today the fund helps all victims of the war in Ukraine. This is assistance in the evacuation of children and families, equipping hospitals, financial assistance to medical personnel, renting outpatient apartments, psychological assistance and much more. “The war changed our plans, but not our main goal – to help,” the foundation says.